• 11The Curious Barista's Guide to Coffee , Stephenson
    The definitive guide to the extraordinary world of coffee from growing and roasting to brewing and serving the perfect cup. This is the ultimate guide to the history, science and cultural influence… 1463 руб

  • 12Through the French Door , Westbrook Carolyn (2017)
    Welcome to the world of designer and decorator Carolyn Westbrook, a world of beautiful French-style interiors and chic decor. Carolyn is known for her love of French design, and here she combines her… 1414 руб

  • 13Rogue Lawyer , Grisham John (2016)
    On the right side of the law. Sort of. Sebastian Rudd is not your typical street lawyer. He works out of a customized bulletproof van, complete with Wi-Fi, a bar, a small fridge, fine leather chairs… 635 руб

  • 14An Invitation to the Garden. Seasonal Entertaining Outdoors , Michael K. Devine (2014)
    In this indispensable entertaining guide, Michael Devine, a well-known tastemaker, shows how the garden can be a perfect and easily transformable setting to stage enchanted events in every season… 2442 руб

  • 15Setting Profitable Prices. A Step-by-Step Guide to Pricing Strategy--Without Hiring a Consultant , Marlene Jensen
    Time-tested strategies for making the best possible pricing decisions and gaining an unbeatable competitive advantage Pricing is one of the most important—and difficult—marketing problems… 3248.72 руб электронная книга

  • 16A Fairy Tale About Love. Wedding Graphic Design , Jiajia Xia (2018)
    A wedding is an invitation for friends and family to witness the strength of a couple's love. As such, even the tiniest details require careful attention, to ensure that the occasion reaches it's… 3818 руб

  • 17Simply Italian: Cooking at Home with the Chiappa Sisters , Michela, Emanuela and Romina Chiappa (2014)
    The very best of Italian cooking with Michela, Romina and Emanuela in Simply Italian. 'Wales and Italy, family and food: for us, these four things are inextricably linked and at the root of our… 2749 руб

  • 18How to be a Good Husband (2008)
    The art of being a good husband is not an easy one. This little guide was written for the middle classes of the 1930s who were reading one of the first modern self-help books. Illustrated with… 585 руб

  • 19The Evil Clergyman , Howard Phillips Lovecraft
    The short story is actually an excerpt from a letter Lovecraft wrote. It begins in the attic of an ancient house. The narrator’s companion refers to the former owner of the house and the presumably… руб электронная книга

  • 20Pancha Tantra , Walton Ford (2015)
    At First Glance, Walton Ford's Large-Scale, Highly-Detailed Watercolors of Animals Recall the Prints of 19th Century Illustrators John James Audubon and Edward Lear. A Closer Look Reveals a Complex… 3436 руб